My apologies to Russell Ewing Warren’s family for stopping midstream with their family profiles. I had begun to worry about and found a solution to copyright regarding “Find A Grave Memorial” postings that I had copied into my blog.  Then updated their privacy regulations. I pretty much stopped, as the saying goes, “dead in my tracks.”

I have been diligent about giving credit to sources used but I have been negligent with getting permission for what I considered public information. For example, the information contained within most “Find A Grave Memorials” is public but the website page itself was created by an individual and copyrighted by “Find A Grave Memorials.” These websites sometimes contain obituaries and so much can be learned about an individual in an obit. Immediate relatives are often listed on the website as well. Plus, posted photos are priceless. Because I will be posting the link to the website, instead of posting a copy of the website, I hope you will click the link to see what else you can learn about our relatives. is more difficult. Providing a link will not do the trick because it is a paid subscription. Getting permission to use photos posted by members may take a lot of time and often members don’t respond to inquiries. In my opinion if it’s posted it’s meant to be shared. That is my intent when I post family photos. Regardless, I need to obtain permission and this will hold up the timing of my posts if I want to include the photos. Most confusing to me are databases. Compiled public information into a database is what is all about and is why so much information is there.  The databases are, of course, copyrighted. Needless to say, my posts will likely be shorter.

I will be going back into my prior posts and making necessary changes. I will give you a heads up when I revise the profile for Aunt Thelma Ernestine Warren. Her granddaughter, Shelley Bull, generously shared several photos of the McClure’s. Thank you, Shelley!

On another note, I have joined a group, “Fifty Two Ancestors in Fifty Two Weeks,” sponsored by Amy Johnson Crow, Beginning with the posts about my Hanks family I will use a hashtag in the post title, #52 ancestors. My goal will be to average writing about 52 ancestors in a year but there’s leniency in achieving the goal. I expect to learn a lot from other genealogy bloggers and get ideas of how to make my posts more interesting as well as factual. I learned of this project through Roberta Estes, DNA genealogist, Roberta constantly provides resources that help make DNA understandable. She is teacher par excellence and a constant source of inspiration through her blog. If you’re interested in genealogy research these are two websites you’ll want to add to your list.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

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